An Experiment For The New Year

Over the last couple of days, some of the educators that I follow on Twitter have been discussing a 365 day project.  Students would agree to do something for either an entire year or a specific number of days over the course of a year.  One student blogged about his 365 day project here.  I then read a blog entry from another student that is doing a shorter experiment, but again with a specific goal in mind.  The technology focus for both of these experiments got me excited, and made me start to think that as a class, maybe we could do an experiment too.  Now we just need to choose a goal for our project.

When I taught Kindergarten last year, I challenged my students to collect 102 acts of kindness by the 102nd day of school.  Students and parents e-mailed me about numerous acts of kindness performed at school and at home, and by the 102nd day of school, I collected 120 acts of kindness: way more than the goal!  Since character education is still a focus for our school, maybe our goal could be to tweet each day about something that we did to help someone else.  Our “year project” would be one focused on helping others, but with a technology twist too.  We could even encourage our followers to tweet about specific things that they do to help others too.  This then becomes a “year project” that includes global collaboration too.

What do you think?  For my students out there, are you interested in doing this kind of project?  Do you have any different suggestions for a project goal?  I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!


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