A Technology Success Story!

ancaster meadow wordle_1

Today was an amazing day!  At lunchtime today, my vice principal wanted to learn how to make a Wordle about our school.  I told her that I would get some students to teach her.  She sat around the computer in my classroom with three Grade 1 students, and together they made a Wordle to describe Ancaster Meadow.  Once they created the Wordle, my vice principal asked how to change the colour of the words.  I was about to reply that the only way to do so is to “randomize” the Wordle, when one of my six-year-old students showed me how to use the Color menu at the top of the screen.  She showed me how to change the layout too.  Today I was part of a “lunch and learn” directed by Grade 1 students, and what they taught me was the best part of my day!

It really is incredible what students know about technology and how motivated they are by technology too.  It’s changed the way that I teach, and it’s changed the way that my students learn.  Have you had a success story like this one?  Please comment here and share your stories.  I can’t wait to read what you have to say! 


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