Web 2.0 Tools In The Classroom: Friday’s Presentations

I love being in the classroom with my students, but I also love presenting to educators and getting the opportunity to learn from others while I present. Thanks to Zoe Branigan-Pipe (@zbpipe) for asking me to present with her at the Brock Tech Showcase on Friday!  Zoe is currently in Philadelphia at Educon, so we presented together through the use of Skype.  Due to some technical difficulties (largely a low Wifi signal), it took us until the final presentation of the day to get a full-length Skype call.  Thank you to everyone that attended the first two presentations for being so understanding of these technical difficulties!

Despite the few computer glitches, the presentations went well.  This was the first time that I’ve presented to such a diverse group of educators (from pre-service teachers to K-12 teachers).  Each presentation was slightly different, as the discussion changed depending on the needs and interests of the people in the room.  Blogs, Wikis, Twitter, Diigo, and Skype were the five topics discussed most frequently during these presentations.  A special thank you to @mrjarbenne for sharing some amazing links and great information during the last session of the day. You can view these links in our Today’s Meet Chatroom (which will remain open for a year).

Here is the link to the Connected Classroom Prezi that Zoe and I created for Friday’s Presentations.  If you attended one of the presentations on Friday, I would love to hear your feedback on it.  Please comment here and let me know what you thought.  Feel free to post any questions you have here too.

Thanks again Zoe for providing me with such a wonderful opportunity!  I hope that I can present with you again in the future.


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