Feeling the Power of Global Connections

This week, I am really feeling the power of global connections. It has been a very exciting week in my room! On Wednesday, my class had a Skype call with @jgriffith2‘s class: a Grade 2 class in Randolph, New York. Both groups of students introduced themselves, and then we exchanged information about favourite places in our community. Students learned about the similarities and differences between these two communities in a very meaningful way! Below is a Photopeach Slideshow Presentation that I created as a follow-up to this Skype call:

Mrs. Griffith’s class created a Wordle after our Skype call, and here is a link to the picture of the Wordle.  Her class used the information that we told them to make this Wordle, hence demonstrating their learning to us.  It is clear that her students listened well and learned a lot!

Then on Friday, my class had a Skype call with @atkauffman’s class from Goshen Indiana.  We discussed the Winter Olympics with his class, and we’re making a collaborative Wallwisher where students can demonstrate their learning.  I love the fact that even though we’re in Canada and they’re in the United States, that we can learn together!  Check out our Wallwisher below:

These Skype calls and follow-up activities have certainly made this week a very exciting one for me!  It showed me that I offer more to my students when I let them learn from the world and not just from me. 

For other educators out there that use Skype to connect with other classes, what do you see as the benefits of this social networking tool?  Have you experienced any drawbacks with this tool, and would you continue to use it?  For parents that are reading this post, how do your children respond to our Skype calls?  What benefits or drawbacks do you see in using this tool in the classroom?

I am looking forward to your feedback!


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