Parents As Partners


On Monday, September 20th, I had the wonderful opportunity to speak as part of an EdTechTalk Program on Parents As Partners thanks to @lornacost. I feel very strongly that parents and teachers need to work together to provide the best possible learning opportunities for students. Web 2.0 tools allow me to connect with parents in many of the same ways that I also connect with students in the classroom. I love the fact that the parents are embracing many of these social media tools, including both blogs and Twitter. With students using these tools too, they can show their parents what they’re doing at school, and all of us can learn together.

Many thanks to my Twitter PLN that was there to support me during this presentation, as well as to some of my colleagues from school that participated in an online session like this one for the first time in order to offer support. It also meant a lot to me that my vice principal, Mrs. Adler, signed on to listen to this session and participated in the chatroom as well. I cannot thank all of you enough for the numerous ways that you inspire and support me!

I am excited to continue my learning journey, and find new tools that I can use with both parents and students, as well as find different ways of using tools that I’ve already used before. I would love to hear how you use Web 2.0 tools to connect with parents, or if you are a parent, I’d love to hear your thoughts on using these tools to connect. We can learn so much from each other!


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