Is It Okay To Be Excited?

Last night, the Edublog Award finalists were announced. I saw the link around midnight, and I had to have a look. I was thrilled to find out that I was a finalist in three categories: Best Individual Tweeter, Best Class Blog, and Best Teacher Blog. I was ecstatic! I didn’t expect this — in fact, I didn’t even realize that I had been nominated in some of these categories — but when I found out the news, I couldn’t help but be happy.

Numerous members of my Twitter PLN that I respect and admire are nominated in the same categories as me, and with that in mind, I have the same thought that I hear many movie stars articulate when the Academy Award Nominations are announced: “It’s just a privilege to be nominated.” And you know what? It really is!

This is everything that I was thinking and feeling when I started reading the stream of tweets this morning about these Edublog Nominations. First @KarenJan admitted that she appreciates the nomination, but does not like the competition. Then @jenwagner blogged on this topic too, and with similar views. @Teachakidd started speaking about the benefits of competition. I checked back later, and @courosa was getting involved in the discussion as well.

I really do understand both viewpoints. On the one side, I believe strongly in getting my students to see the value in intrinsic rewards, and here I am, excited by the possibility of an extrinsic reward. That being said, it’s nice to be recognized for what we do, and making it to a list like this, means something.

So where do I really stand on this issue? I think I’m for the Edublog Awards. Getting a nomination or not getting a nomination is not going to change what I do or why I do it, but it was a pleasant surprise. I also got to look through the award categories, see many educators that I follow on Twitter, but also many that I don’t, and start communicating with some new educators as well. Making new connections is always exciting, and I’m glad that the Edublog Award Nominations helped me with this. I’m also excited for my students too, for this week, I can show them that our Class Blog got nominated, and this just helps give them one more reason to be excited about blogging and excited about what they’re doing in the classroom.

So I have no big dreams of winning and no big plans for shameless self-promotion, but I am excited just the same, and I think that’s okay. Now, dare I ask, what are your thoughts on the Edublog Awards?


10 thoughts on “Is It Okay To Be Excited?

  1. Go ahead and be excited! It is always nice to be recognized for the positive things that you do, because it is not often that educators hear positive things.

    Now for my thoughts on the Edublog Awards, I think they are serving their purpose. They get a lot of people talking about different blogs and bloggers. It shows that there are a lot of people blogging about education and quickly shares these resources with others.

    By the way, good luck! 😉

    • Thanks Justin! I agree: it is nice to be recognized for the positive things that we do. All of the talk over the past day on different bloggers and blogs is great too, and if this is the result of the Edublog Nominations, then this is fantastic!

      Thank you for the good luck wishes too!

  2. I think it is just fine to be happy. We all seek affirmation in different ways, and this is definitely a nice stroke to the ego, especially when we know what we have put into it. I’m 4 years running a nominee, and not once have I cried fowl over not winning. I celebrate each year by adding brand new voices to my already too full reader. What a gift! Cherish it. Others (your readers) have given it to you. By nay-saying it, you are saying your readers are wrong. Would you ever turn away a physical gift given to you by a friend? It would be considered rude would it not? Just say thanks and ENJOY a well deserved gift. Don’t listen to the naysayers.

    • Thanks for the comment, Cathy! I think that you make a really neat comparison here and a very good point too. It’s great to hear that others get excited about this too! Congratulations on your nominations as well!


  3. Just enjoy the moment, Aviva. Don’t view it as a competition – look at it as the fact that someone enjoyed your work enough to nominate you. Alec did raise a good point; it’s not the awards that are at question, it’s the fact that people will vote based upon who knows whatever criteria. Many will vote without checking out and comparing all of the entries in a category and many of the same people will be “winners” as they are year after year. In that sense, it becomes a popularity/visibility contest. Just relish in the fact that you’re doing good things; your class is doing good things and you’re using the media to your best possible ability. That’s the true sign of a winner.

    • Thanks for the comment! I was reading Alec’s tweet last night, and I think that he does make a good point. There really isn’t a voting criteria. Win or lose though, just the idea of being recognized was nice and definitely appreciated. Thank you for all of your support both here and on Twitter. Good luck with the Edublog Awards too!


  4. Well, Aviva, to answer you original question – yes! You should be excited that people are recognizing you and your class for the great blogs. I strongly believe there has to be a better way to recognize bloggers (although I think readers and tweeters do a pretty good job). I did not vote, nor did I nominate, based on my feelings of awards and choosing one educator over another. The thing about this whole edublog awards is that it seems to go against what most people try to do with their students. Having said all this, I love your blogs and subscribe to them because I learn so much from you – much like I learn from all the others I subscribe to. Each blogger has their own style and own passions and we need recognize each person for this and not compare one to the other.

    I, personally, want to congratulate you not on the award but on the amazing things you do with your students; too, I want to thank you for all you teach me. I often hear at some schools, “grades ones aren’t ready for this…” and now I say, “actually they can.. and I have proof!”.

    So although there is no vote coming from me – I do want to recognize you as someone whose blogs truly inspire me. The best compliment I can think of is a simple, “THANK YOU”. I look forward to the journey that you and so many others in my PLN will take in the coming months.

  5. Yes it’s OK to be excited. I’m excited for everyone who’s been nominated. Extrinsic or external rewards have their role and place both in schools and the wider world. It’s inappropriate or thoughtless use that causes problems.

    I wouldn’t put the Edublogs Awards in that category. I’d place them in the “jolly useful” category. This is why:
    – I’m shifted out of my comfort zone and visit blogs that I do not know about. Hello from Scotland!
    – Bloggers spent hours freely sharing ideas, resources, advice and inspiration. I think it’s nice that these awards acknowledge this contribution to the greater good of education.
    – It creates awareness about the role of blogs in education. I think that’s a good thing.

    Best wishes

  6. Wow Julie! I’m very excited to get a comment from Scotland. I really like your reasons for supporting the Edublog Awards, and I’m glad that you shared them here.

    Thanks for your comment!

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