A #FollowFriday Thank You To My PLN!

Tomorrow is Friday, and thanks to @dougpete, I have started regularly recognizing my amazing PLN through #FollowFriday mentions. With the urge to try something new, I decided to use a combination of Bitstrips For Schools and GoogleDocs to make my #FollowFriday list.

Many thanks to all of the amazing members of my PLN, who help me learn something new everyday and challenge me to continue to be a better teacher. You all deserve to be followed any day of the week!


4 thoughts on “A #FollowFriday Thank You To My PLN!

    • Thanks for the comment, Doug! I think that there’s great value in noticing the people that we learn from daily. I’m so glad that you’re one of these very important people in my PLN! Thank you for showing me the real value in #FollowFriday!


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