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On Thursday, December 9th, RCAC was held in London, Ontario. Zoe Branigan-Pipe (@zbpipe) was one of the presenters at this Symposium. She was presenting on her Learning With Livescribe TLLP Project, which I have been fortunate enough to be involved in. Since I was not attending RCAC, Zoe asked me if I would Skype in to talk about using the Livescribe Pen with my Grade 1/2 students. After some discussion, we thought that it would be interesting to have a couple of students share about how they use the Livescribe Pen.

On Thursday, during our regular morning writing routine, interested students brainstormed what they would share with this group of educators. Here is what one student wrote:

Brainstorming About The Livescribe Pen On Palm Treos

After sharing ideas with the class, two students took part in the actual Skype call. It was amazing to listen to what they had to say. They showed a group of about 20 educators how to turn on the pen, how to listen to recorded instructions, and how to record on the pen too.

Not long after finishing the Skype call, I got this tweet from @kellypower:

Kelly's Tweet

This tweet was followed up later by a tweet from @zbpipe and a tweet from @carolgau (start at the bottom and read up):

Zoe's Tweet and Carol's Tweet

It was great to receive all of these positive comments, but more than anything, it was great for my students to have an opportunity to teach others what they do. It is one thing for me to say that this tool can be used with young students, but I think that there is far more value in actually seeing that it can be.

Thank you, Zoe, and the rest of the TLLP Team for letting us participate in this presentation of yours!


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