Merry Global Christmas

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This year, our school decided that we were going to have a carol sing as part of our Holiday Assembly. I thought that it would be fun to let other schools participate in this carol sing via Skype. Last weekend, I sent out a tweet asking if anyone would be interested in participating, and within a couple of minutes, I got four responses. All of us downloaded the latest version of Skype, and we tried out a group video call. Yippee! It worked!

Paula Naugle (from New Orleans), Jeremy Macdonald (from Southern Oregon), Rob McDonald (from Manitoba), and Jena Sherry (from Wisconsin) each practiced singing Jingle Bells with the plan that we would all sing it together on December 17th. Unfortunately, Rob McDonald’s students were called to a last minute assembly, so they couldn’t participate, but the rest of us did. Each of us took turns singing the chorus of Jingle Bells, and then at the end, we all sang it together. A class from Australia wanted to participate in this carol sing too, but with the 16 hour time difference, this was not possible. They sent us a holiday video though with special Christmas greetings to the staff and students at Ancaster Meadow School. A special thank you to Jenny Ashby and Gill Davey for doing this! What a great end to our Global Carol Sing.

I also want to extend a special thank you to Zoe Branigan-Pipe, who came to the school on December 17th to record this special carol sing. We now have a wonderful recorded memory of this amazing day that showed us all about the true power of connections! I hope that Christmas 2.0 can be a holiday tradition at Ancaster Meadow School!


4 thoughts on “Merry Global Christmas

  1. Aviva,
    That sounds great.
    I recently skyped with @gcouros school in Stony Plain Alberta with my fifth grade about Chanukah.
    It was such a great experience.
    One of the amazing thinks which I blogged about was how my students became teachers.
    Keep up the amazing things you are doing
    Wishing you a Happy Holiday and Happy and Healthy New Year


    • Thanks for your comment, Akevy! Maybe next year your school would be interested in doing a Hanukkah song for a Global Holiday Sing Along. I think it would be great if some of your students could teach us about Hanukkah too.

      Happy holidays!

  2. There you go trailblazing again! Way to go, Aviva! Love the title of this project: Merry Global Christmas. Once again, you have demonstrated connectivity for all to see (and hear in this case) and appreciate.

    • Thanks Cyndie! It was definitely the people that I learn from on Twitter that inspired me to do this. I’m so glad that it all worked out. As for the title, Zoe Branigan-Pipe inspired me to call it this after naming her video recording something similar.

      Thanks again for your comment and all of your support too!


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