After The First Week: My Continued iPad Reflection

A Student Modelling The Write Pad App For The Rest Of The Class

My students have now been using an iPad in the classroom for a week. It’s been an amazing week too. They have loved writing on the iPad using theĀ Write Pad app, recording on the iPad using the Audio Memos app, creating puppet shows on the iPad using the Puppet Pals app, and blogging on the iPad using the Twitter for iPad app. The iPad is helping increase their excitement about learning and giving them meaningful opportunities to read, write, and create.

With my LCD projector working again, I have been able to model these iPad activities more, and I have had students modelling them for other students too. This really helps! The children are definitely more comfortable with using these apps, and they are eager to help others use them too.

I am still undecided about the auto-correct function. Some students are noticing that the word choices provided by the iPad are incorrect, but some aren’t. I will continue to model this though as we use the iPad for more writing activities. I think that using Write Pad will help as well, as Write Pad provides options for spelling, and this will assist the students with making more correct choices too. Thanks @techieang for the suggestion!

I can’t wait until this week when my students can show some Early Learning Kindergarten teachers and a consultant how they use the iPad in the classroom in conjunction with other tools too. This week, we will also be using Rory’s Story Cubes along with the Livescribe Pen to record stories. I can’t wait to see how this works!

Getting an iPad has definitely increased my learning curve, and I love being able to learn along with my students. I’d love to hear some of your “iPad Learning Experiences” too. It’s great when we can all learn together!


3 thoughts on “After The First Week: My Continued iPad Reflection

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  2. We have been using iPads in our room too. I will have to try the apps you mentioned. We are posting to our Kidblogs, and that is working well. I like the fact that you can now edit Google Docs on it. I have embedded Google forms on our class wiki. Students use the iPads to respond to the questions. That has worked really well. Of course, the kids like to use the apps best. They like Pop Math, Glow Doodle, and Stack the States. We are going to write using Pages this week. Keep sharing the things you are doing. I am learning more every day.

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