Many, Many Thanks!

DSP 147: Thank You! 2007-10-11

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On Thursday night, I got a lovely email from a parent at my school. She wanted to thank me for the email that I sent out that day. Her email reminded me of the importance of “thanking” others. There are so many amazing parents that I correspond with both in person and online, and this blog post is for all of you:

Thank you to all of the parents in my class for always assisting your children as they continue to learn and grow. Thank you for being willing to try new things (e.g., Glogster), and letting your children teach you too. Thank you for getting just as excited about your children’s gains as they do, and as I do as well! Thank you for trusting me to do the best possible job of educating your children, and working with me to ensure that all students meet their full potential!

Thank you to all of the wonderful parents in the school for doing all you do to make our school great! Thank you for your continuous fundraising initiatives, and thank you for the hours that you put into ensuring that these events are successful. Thank you for doing all you can to help all of the teachers in the school, and even more importantly, all you can do help all of the students in the school too. You make a difference!

Thank you to all of the parents that are part of my Twitter PLN: you have shown me just what parents will do for their children! Thank you for all of the anecdotes that you share, and all of the wonderful conversations too. Thank you for helping me see things from a different perspective.

Thank you all for making me a better teacher!


4 thoughts on “Many, Many Thanks!

  1. Communication is so important. Despite my good intentions, I seem to have only established a good email connection with about six of my twenty-four families. I see the benefits with those six though. Its still not too late for me to work on the others.

    I felt the same gratitude after my last round of conferences. I went home feeling positive about the sense of shared mission and effort.

    • Thank you so much for your comment! I also believe that communication is so important, and I love how you’re still hopeful of establishing email communication with more parents. There’s always time!


  2. That’s a nice message to the parents, Aviva. You can never say thank you often enough for the kindness and support for education. I don’t know the neighbourhood but I do have a preconceived notion of Ancaster. Would it be fair to assume that all parents are connected with email addresses? If not, do you send the same message to the parents that are not connected in other ways?

  3. Thanks Doug! I absolutely agree with you, and I’m glad that I was inspired to write this post this weekend. And yes, it’s fair to assume that all of my parents have email addresses and/or access to the Internet, and they check out this blog too. In the past though, if that was not the case, I would send home a paper copy with the same message. I think it’s very important that they all hear it because they all deserve it!


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