And the learning continues …

On April 8th, I received a tweet from Lindsay Kendall (@mirtyjo) telling me about an article that she read in Today’s Parent. This article was all about a teacher that uses technology in her Grade 4/5 class. Lindsay said that she would bring in the article to share with me, and she did. After reading it, I shared it with my principal, who wrote me a note and said, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could go and visit this teacher?” Thanks to the Internet, I was able to get this teacher’s email address, and I wrote her asking if we could come. She happily agreed, and today was the day that we went.

It’s always great to see another classroom and hear new ideas. Last night, as I was getting organized for today, I made sure to pack my digital camera, video camera, iPad, and Livescribe Pen because I knew that I wanted to capture as much of Edita’s classroom as possible. With all of the tools that I brought, it really was the Livescribe Pen that I used the most. I needed to avoid getting faces in photographs, so the camera wasn’t the best, but with the pen, I could go around and talk to the students and have a record of what they were saying too. Best of all, I could record a discussion within a group, and hear multiple ideas as well as the ideas generated as the students worked and talked together.

What I loved about Edita was how much she was willing to share, including what she still wanted to learn. As my principal, protege, and I conversed with Edita, her teaching partner, principal, and vice principal today, we all discussed our successes, but we also discussed our next steps. The learning never ends, and I love talking to other educators that feel this way too.

Thank you to Sir Adam Beck Junior School for allowing us to visit today, and a special thank you to Edita Tahirovic and her students for welcoming us into their classroom! After our visit today, my principal asked me, “Aviva, what are your goals for next year? What do you want to learn next?” I said that I would like to learn more about eBook options for the primary classroom, and how to use the iPads, iPod Touches, and laptops more as part of guided reading. Then I continued to think on my way home tonight. I would also like to learn more about how to incorporate literature circles into the primary classroom. I did some literature circles this year, but hopefully I can continue to improve on what happened this year, for next year.

So what are your goals for next year? How have other educators helped shape these goals? I would love to hear your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “And the learning continues …

  1. For next year, I want to continue to make my program more cohesive and purposeful. I hope to improve my ability to integrate subject areas together and mesh them with Web 2.0 tools.

    Have you explored Tumblebooks to Go for your iPad/iPod touch?

  2. What a great goal! I think that I could have the same one too. This is certainly something that I’ve worked on all year and could continue to work on too. Thanks for sharing the app too! I haven’t used it before and will definitely be checking it out!


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