Saying Goodbye

I’ve always found it difficult to say “goodbye,” and this year is no different. This year though, I’ll be saying goodbye to an administrator that has really made a huge impact on me and on my students. Bev Laporte, our fantastic principal, is retiring in a week. Bev, I’m going to miss you!

I’ve been trying to think of the perfect way to say, “goodbye.” I started to think about what I might want when I retire, and I realized that the best gift of all would be to know that I made a difference. Bev, you’ve made a difference. Here’s my Top 5 List (in no particular order) of What You’ve Taught Me Over Your Years At Ancaster Meadow:

1) You taught me that students come first. Every decision that you make, you make with the students in mind. You really showed me the importance of thinking of students and their needs, and planning based on what is best for them.

2) You taught me the importance of having fun. Whether getting a pie in the face at Spring Fling or helping to paper mache dinosaur eggs in the classroom, you always saw the importance of laughing and learning.

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3) You taught me that learning never stops. You model this in all that you do too. You always read the blog post links that I send you and the ideas that I share, and you’re always willing to try something new. You see the importance in “change,” and you helped me see this as well!

4) You taught me the importance of slowing down and really listening. I’m a talker. I didn’t start talking until I was almost four, and my parents love to tell me now that I’m “making up for lost time.”:) Sometimes as a talker, I forget the importance of stopping and listening. The two of us have had so many wonderful conversations over the years, and it was by listening that I learned the most!

5) You taught me to set high goals and do everything that I can to achieve them. Even when the goals seemed out of reach, you were always there to let me talk and encourage me along the way. You believed in me, and you reminded me about the importance of believing in my students. We both benefited!

Bev, you’ve helped me become a leader, and you’ve encouraged my students to lead too. I know that I’m a better teacher because of you!


6 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

  1. I know what you mean Aviva,
    Saying goodbye is hard. As much as I’ve always looked forward to summer holidays, I have also had such a strange mix of emotions because I realize that this group of students that I’ve come to know so well, is moving on and that is it…the relationship is done. I keep waiting, year after year, for that sadness of the last day to go away…it never does (actually, one year it did, but I won’t go into that).
    Anyway, Your post here is beautiful and you are lucky to have such a great leader that you can learn from and share ideas.
    Congratulations Aviva on a great year!

  2. Thanks Zoe! I know exactly what you mean here. Every year, it is difficult to say goodbye.

    Thank you for your comment and all of your kind words too!

  3. What a great tribute, Aviva. It sounds like both of you enjoyed the environment that you cultivated for your students. I’m sure that it will continue to get better and better for you both. Have a relaxing summer.

  4. Aviva,
    Like you, I am losing a principal that I love. Our principal is leaving our school to take a position in special services where she will lead our gifted program, special education services, and other child centered support. She will be perfect for this position. I keep trying to remind myself of this as I think about how much I will miss her. She is knowledgeable about curriculum, a community builder, and a child advocate. Like you, I’ve had a hard time saying goodbye. I think you are right, people just want to know they make a difference. I know from all you do and share, you’ve had a wonderful administrator behind you. Good luck in the transition…and congrats to Bev.

    Now I’m off to write a note to my principal.

    • Thanks for your comment, Cathy! Bev really has made a big impact on me, and I can tell that your principal has made a big impact on you too. I’m sure she’ll love your letter!


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