The 21st Century Classroom … Today!

At ECOO today, I ran a workshop on the 21st Century Classroom … Today. Our Board has adopted the 21st Century Fluencies, and I was interested in taking these fluencies and showing what they would look like in a classroom environment. People worked in groups to help create a “manual” showcasing their collective version of the 21st Century Fluencies. The initial plan was to make a book of ideas that we could share online, and then others could download and share too. I planned on having the groups add Creative Commons images to highlight their points. This was going to be great!

And it still is great … but I learned that an hour is not enough time to create “a book.” It is enough time to create the start of one though, and as I tell my students, “the process is just as important as the product.” So here is our process¬†from today:

Copy of the 21st Century Classroom

This is a compilation of what all groups contributed. I tried to organize the ideas into sections, but some work in multiple sections, and some were harder to group. This is supposed to be a collaborative piece though, so please go back into the GoogleDoc, add more ideas, move others around, and see what you can do with what’s here. I can’t wait to see exactly what this becomes!


2 thoughts on “The 21st Century Classroom … Today!

  1. I would make the arguement that the 21st Century Classroom fix needs to stop trying so hard. I would actually like to see more of the 90’s classroom fluencies from the days that I was a little tyke. Well done on the article.
    Keith Tardibuono

  2. Thank you for your comment! I would love to find out more about the 90’s fluencies (what specific ones are you referring to?) and about your concerns with the 21st century fluencies. I love hearing different perspectives, and would be interested in some more information from you.


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