The Teaching Cycle

Last Friday, we had a very special art lesson led by a Grade 3 student at the school. Today, my students had a chance to complete their drawings. Just as the class was about to get started, I realized that one student was away last week when we had our art lesson. I brought up my blog post and showed him the Livescribe Pen drawings, and then gave him a paper to get started.

That’s when something incredible happened. One of my Grade 2 students, left her drawing on the floor, went over to the SMART Board, and started taking this Grade 1 student through the drawing process. She went step-by-step. She watched what he was doing after each instruction, and provided support when needed. She encouraged him to be creative. She was the teacher.

Embedly Powered

Embedly Powered

Teaching The Art Lesson And The Results

Nobody asked her to do this, but she saw an opportunity to help another student, and she did. Last week, a student taught her something new, and today, she taught another student something new too. Behold the power of the teaching cycle. I wonder what will happen next.

Have you ever had an experience like this before? What happened? I would love to hear your stories too!


2 thoughts on “The Teaching Cycle

  1. Now that is real learning when the learner becomes the teacher, it is also great to see a blog becoming a learning resource for the students.
    Funny enough I had many of my own students tutoring each other in maths and ICT skills this week as they created animations. It was very rewarding to observe.

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