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As many of you know, I share lots of photographs and videos of my students online. At the beginning of the year, all parents sign a permission form allowing me to publish photographs and videos. Their signature gives me permission to share what I do. I think it’s important to go a step further though.

Here is how I communicate with parents about photograph and video sharing:

1) In my September Newsletter, I explain the tools that we will be using in the classroom throughout the year, and the purpose of using these tools. I show how these tools allow students to meet curriculum expectations, and how they help students learn.

2) Under the Technology Information link on my website, I explain more about the Web 2.0 tools that we use in class, and again, I link them to specific curriculum expectations.

3) I mail out a letter to students telling them about the year and explaining what we’ll be doing. I talk about taking photographs and videos. Again, I try to explain the purpose of these, so that the students and the parents know too.

4) I take a video of the classroom, showing the different tools that we’ll be using and trying to give an overview of why we’re using these tools. I emphasize the need to have photograph and video permission forms returned.

5) I phone all of the parents. I talk about what we’re doing in class and why we’re doing it. I explain how I use photographs and videos, and the purpose of using these photographs and videos too. Most importantly, I give parents a chance to ask questions. Discussion is important here. Notes are fantastic, and the form takes care of the signature piece, but the conversation helps build knowledge and understanding.

Do you share photographs and videos of your students online? How do you get parental permission? It would be great if we could all share what we do!


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  1. Hi,
    Like you I get permission at the beginning of the year. Our district has an Acceptable Use Policy that all parents sign (& students in Grades 4&5 sign). Beside that I also, send home a letter explaining the types of projects we will be completing and ask for permission for students to skype. To date, all parents have agreed and signed the forms.

    I like your idea about placing a page on your Website. It’s a good reminder to folks in the event they decide they don’t want to change their mind.

    On occasion I have asked permission to use student pictures/work for my own blog. Parents have always given their permission there as well.

    It can be tricky as I know some parents do not want anything of their child posted and we must respect their decision.

    Thanks for sharing how you do things.

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  3. Aviva,

    Thanks for posting all of this great info, I have only been looking for 10 minutes or so and can already see so many great things to share with my staff. I google searched for Bump It Up Boards and found so much more, what board are you with? Ontario?



    • Thank you so much for your comment! I’m so glad that you found this information helpful. Yes, I teach for the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board in Ontario. If there’s any more information that you need or anything I can do to help you out, please feel free to email me at


  4. I want to welcome my students this way! That’s what parents want to see – what do you do? Where do you do it? What do you use to do what you do? Brilliant! You have a lovely on camera manner and voice, nice to listen too, not too much information, concise, interesting. I just think you’re so great!

    • Wow! Thanks for the lovely comment, Shannon. Glad you liked the video and found it useful too. I actually recorded it about three different times until I decided on this version to use. I wanted it to be be informative, but still concise. Happy to hear that you think I accomplished my goal!


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