Now It’s A Question Of My Name

Now that the news is official that I’m moving from Grades 1 and 2 to Grade 6, my Twitter name has to change as well. I’ve been @grade1 since I started tweeting three years ago, and it feels strange to be changing this identity of mine. I really want this name change to be a good one and to really encompass me.

Through some direct messages on Twitter, I was having a discussion about this struggle of mine with Dustin Carson, and he suggested some great name possibilities. I’ve also considered @avivadun, @dunsiger, and @avivafd (initials for both my middle name and last name). I’ve added all of these suggestions into a Twitter Poll, and it’s embedded below. Please feel free to vote for one of the options here, or add one of your own in the comments. The poll’s open for a week, and I’m hoping by the end of it, I have my new Twitter handle.

Thanks for your help with this difficult decision! I love that I can harness the power of social media to change my social media presence.


12 thoughts on “Now It’s A Question Of My Name

  1. Hey Lady,

    I think @grade6 keeps the flavour you have had and would be an easy leap for people to identify you…

    I am really prone to the @avivaloca – This is also you!! and I love it!! Great suggestion who ever suggested it.


    • Thanks! I loved that suggestion as well. It actually made me laugh out loud when I read it.:)

      I liked @grade6 too, but it’s already taken. Tons of great choices now. So hard to decide!

      Thanks again for weighing in, Jen!

  2. Hi Aviva I added a suggestion to the poll. It is one, I believe, you can use for a long time. I discovered after a long teaching career and now a business career that you are never really done. You will always be learning as a teacher because there will always be a new strategy. You will continue learning even beyond your career. There will always be something to finish, or something new to start just because you have an interest. As I read your blogs and see your comments on Twitter I sense that you will not be done any time soon. For what it is worth, just a suggestion.

    • Thanks so much, Diane! I can’t wait to see what you suggested. I look forward to a very long career indeed, and I want a Twitter handle that can take me through many, many more years to come.


    • Oh Diane, I really like this name. I don’t know if you can use apostrophes in a Twitter handle, but I’m going to check. Thanks for the clever option!


  3. When I was at ConnectEdCa someone said, Oh my gosh do you follow “at grade 1”? She’s so amazing! And I thought for a minute, oh she means Aviva. I don’t know you but when I met Twitter people for the first time at the conference it was really nice to know them by their names. Having said that, you are a unique case in that everyone knows who @grade1 is and that’s pretty cool. I’m torn. I voted “avivadun” – but I get @grade6 ’cause that’s just you. Can’t wait to read all about it. Thanks for being generous with your time and mentoring teachers through your blog. I’m better because of you,

    • Wow! Thanks so much for the nice comment, Shannon. Saying “goodbye” to @grade1 is going to be hard. I do like the @grade6 idea because of the connection to @grade1, but somebody already has that Twitter name. I think I’ll likely switch to something that can be used regardless of the grade that I’m in, but this is going to be a hard choice.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  4. Hey, Aviva

    My turn to chime in – I didn’t actually notice the @avivaloca until after I voted (or I probably would have chosen that 🙂 From a practicality (and easy to remember standpoint), and seeing that this is your professional face (I’m assuming) then I like @avivadun – clean, simple, and easy to remember. Are you going to use a separate one for student tweeting or will they join in tweeting from yours? Sometimes you have done that interchangeably in the past so just curious.

    • I like the @avivaloca one too (just because it makes me smiles), but probably @avivadun is more practical. I may do a new poll between these two. This seems like such an important choice, and I want to take the time to make the right one.

      As for student tweeting, I think that I’ll have class accounts, but possibly also have students using this one. It depends how many are tweeting at the same time. My teaching partner and I are considering running a Multiple Choice Monday on Twitter, where we can review multiple choice questions for EQAO, while also reviewing key concepts in class. We thought this would be a fun and engaging way to help students understand multiple choice: a difficult test-taking format. If we’re doing this, we’ll need the most Twitter accounts possible. Does this impact on your decision? Should it impact on mine?

      Thanks Aaron!

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