Just Because …

Shortly after 11:00 last night, I received this message from Jennifer Faulkner (@learninghood):

I quickly logged into my email account to see what Jen sent me: I had to see. I love surprises! 🙂

This was the BEST surprise ever! Jen heard from her husband, Aaron Puley (@bloggucation), that I was trying to create a header for my updated professional blog. When Jen was doing some work on her family blog last night, she made me a new header and emailed it to me. I was so excited! The design was perfect! It was exactly what I wanted and couldn’t seem to create.

Here’s someone that I’ve only met a handful of times, but who went out of her way to help me out last night. Amazing!

So then today, in an unrelated event, I’m tweeting with Miss Night (@happycampergirl) about this wonderful post on her blog, and she sends me a link to an updated post. In this updated post, Miss Night shares how Danielle at My Tiny Universe helped her create what she was looking to create from the day before. Again, someone went out of her way to do something nice for someone else!

I love stories like these. They remind me of the importance of giving to others with no expectations in returnHave you had something similar happen before? I hope that you’ll share your story here. Let’s celebrate those wonderful people that do something special just because


2 thoughts on “Just Because …

  1. I love this – what happened for you and what happened for Amy. LOVE IT! I have had so many wonderful things happen for me this year and I’m grateful for everyone of them. For me it’s been about the opportunities that have been presented to me from people who truly believe in me. Powerful stuff I tell you. The world really is full of a ton of incredible people. And yes, I’m not all rosy eyed. I know there are some not so nice people out there too but I don’t need to give them my time. As my e-mail signature line says, “There is good all around you – you just have to see it”. When we truly give of ourselves to others the world is a much more wonderful place to be in. So with that iI say, I am very thankful to have you and your awesomeness in my world. #justsayin

    • Thanks for the comment, Karen! I feel the same way about you, Amy, and so many others too! When it’s often so easy for us to see and discuss the problems in life and education, it’s nice to celebrate the good things as well. I think we need to do this more often.


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