Be A Part Of ECOO … Even If You Weren’t There!

There’s been many educational conferences that I’ve wanted to attend before, but for a variety of reasons, have been unable to do so. Thanks to social media, I can be at a conference, even without being there. I love my PLN (Professional Learning Network) that are always so willing to share their insights into workshops, and ask questions that further my own thinking as well.

To share the amazing ECOO experience with the teachers and administrators at my school, I decided to create two Storify stories that captured my numerous tweets throughout the different sessions I attended. Below are these stories. Since I haven’t figured out how to multi-task enough to tweet while I’m presenting, here’s a link to the Minds on Media Wikispace Page that includes my information from Wednesday’s session, as well as a link to my first presentation on Using The 21st Century Fluencies To Document Learning In The Primary Classroom and a link to my workshop on Building The 21st Century Math Classroom – Today!

What can you share from your ECOO 2012 experience? I’d love to hear about your experiences too!


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