Who Says You Need To Be There?

Today was our Holiday Concert. The students have been working hard in class to prepare for their speaking parts as well as the big dance. Unfortunately, students have been getting sick all week, and not being at school has sometimes made it hard to practice. With technology though, anything’s possible!

Yesterday, one of the students with a big speaking role was off sick. At the end of our rehearsal yesterday afternoon though, she used FaceTime to see the practice and to hear any last minute tips. When this student wasn’t here this morning, we thought that she would miss the presentation, but just before announcements, she connected with us via FaceTime. She sang O’Canada, listened to the announcements, and joined us for our morning practice. When connecting with us, she assured us that she would be at school in time for the performance, and then she said her lines and even joined in with the dance from the comfort of her home. I’m glad I had my iPad with me and was able to capture some of this in the video below.

Today made me realize that with a little creativity, a day at home doesn’t need to mean a day away from school. I love that my students are suggesting new ways to use FaceTime in the classroom to connect with those students that are sick or away. How have you used FaceTime to open up the walls of the classroom? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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