My Hopes and Wishes

My Classroom Is Ready For EQAO

My Classroom Is Ready For EQAO

Next week, my Grade 6 students start writing EQAO. This is my first year teaching Grade 6, and I’ve definitely been thinking a lot about the test this year. Teachers, administrators, and parents feel many different ways about this test, and over the course of the year, I’ve felt many different ways about it too. This blog post though is not going to be a discussion on standardized testing. Instead, it’s going to be my hopes and wishes for next week.

I hope that all of my students will take a deep breath, remain calm, and not let a test change them.

I hope that all of my students will do their best (and then some) because this is what they’ve done all year long.

I hope to see the impact of what I’ve taught the students this year in the taking of this one test.

I hope to see the impact of inquiry, self-directed learning, project based learning, and collaboration in the completion of one test that does not allow for any of this, but hopefully benefits from all of it.

I hope to see “success” because I know that it’s possible.

I hope to see “growth” because I know how much the students have learned and I’m proud of all of them.

I wish that I wasn’t so focused on a test, but it’s hard not to be. This test though has had me reflect on my teaching practices all year long. It’s driven me to find ways for all students to understand all content, and to expand on their thinking in all that they write and all that they say. It’s had me delve deeper into expectations, see the links between these expectations, and have students see these links as well. This test has made me realize how I would teach other grades differently if I were to teach them again. I think that it’s made me a better teacher, and I wish, that what I learn after administering this test will make me an even better teacher for years to come!

How have standardized tests changed you? What are your “EQAO hopes and wishes?” For all of you writing next week, I hope and wish for the best!


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