How A Mistake Can Actually Lead To An #EduWin

Today, I’m going to let a video basically speak for itself. I was recently invited by James Gubbins to be a part of the #EduWin Podcast. James happened to catch some of my tweets about our Mean, Median, and Mode Board Game Activity, and he wanted to showcase this as a weekly #EduWin. As you’ll hear in this video, I can definitely see the engagement factor of this activity, but thanks to my principal and vice principal, I’m considering how to make this activity better (and what we — my student teacher and I — actually did in the midst of this activity to improve it). Sometimes a mistake can lead to an #EduWin.

What are some of your #EduWins? How have your reflections helped improve these activities? A special “thank you” to James and Carlos for including me on this morning’s show!


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