A Little Gratitude Goes A Long Way!

Last week, I decided to take my vice principal‘s challenge for 30 Days of Gratitude. I’m loving the challenge and usually find myself adding more than one #gratitude tweet a day.

Now for people that know me, they’ll realize that most of my tweets are for things I’m truly grateful for, and a few, are not. Why am I doing this? It’s not in an effort to be deceitful. If people asked, I would be honest. It’s because I’m trying to test the power of positive thinking.

If there’s something that I’m less excited about, something that bothers me a bit, or something that makes me upset, and I tweet about it in a positive light, am I more likely to approach the situation in that way? Am I more likely to end the experience in a happier mood because I started in one? I’m thinking that the answers to both of these questions are “yes!”

Last week, two of my #gratitude tweets were not as genuine as the rest, but approaching both situations with a smile on my face had me leaving with one too. Did things go perfectly? Not exactly — but some #gratitude led to a happy day!

How does your attitude change your outlook on a situation? I’m curious how others may be testing the power of positivity!

Aviva 🙂 Determined to start and end my day with a smile!

2 thoughts on “A Little Gratitude Goes A Long Way!

  1. Study after study have revealed the problems with being negative towards your health, etc. I’ve always found that people with negative attitudes and feelings are seldom able to find solutions. It’s always those people with positive attitudes that keep digging. An overused story (I suppose) is the pony one http://www.mondaymorningmemo.com/page/got-to-be-a-pony-in-here-somewhere but I still enjoy it and I do think that those who are optimistic will eventually find the pony.

    • Thanks for the comment, Doug! I’ve actually never heard the pony story, but I’m clicking on the link to read it now. I agree with you about a positive vs. a negative attitude, and while I don’t think that I was ever really a “negative” person, Kristi’s challenge has made me so much more positive! I’m liking the change! 🙂


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