Listening To The Kids

It’s late tonight, but I’ve had the most incredible day, so I’m really feeling the need to blog. As I looked back over our Storify Story for today’s Celebration of Learning, I couldn’t help but re-listen to one of our reflections from this morning. Our conversation led to a discussion that I didn’t anticipate. Students started talking about why today’s Celebration of Learning was better than the last one. That’s when I asked students a question that I hadn’t planned (paraphrased here): If you had advice for teachers about how you learn best, what would you say? Here’s a short clip of what a few students said (please turn up the volume, as the clip is not that loud).

Interesting insights from Grade 5 students … How would you respond to what they said? How might their answers impact on your teaching practices? As a school, we’re continuing to focus on student voice and choice, and like other student voices, I think these ones are worth listening to. I’d be curious to hear what others have to say about this.


2 thoughts on “Listening To The Kids

  1. One of the most powerful learning tools for all learners I think is to listen; really listening leads to thinking about your thinking; metacognition. Informed teaching and learning grows from this often underused and under taught skill. Good clip. Thanks for sharing. It speaks to D>I> goal setting, AFL and reflection where kids take ownership and responsibility for their learning with ‘the coach’ AKA the teacher. Love this stuff Aviva. Thanks again!

    • Thanks Nancy! When we ask these kinds of questions, we never know what students are going to say, but listening to them, provides valuable information for us. I will definitely be asking these questions more.


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