I’m the lucky one!

I’m the lucky one!

I go to school every day and do what I love.

I have a wonderful class of students that challenge me, inspire me, and help me learn new things.

I get to watch students grow.

I get to see struggling readers become stronger readers.

I get to see hesitant writers, write more and share ideas in new ways.

I get to see reluctant thinkers share their ideas with the class.

I get to see students that question and wonder.

I get to see students that struggle, and I get to watch them persevere.

I get to see students that couldn’t DO something, realize just how much they can DO.

I get to see students realize their strengths, admit their weaknesses, and look at ways to improve.

I get to see goal-setting, and I get to hear students reflect on these goals.

I get to watch independence and collaboration … and I get to see both of these processes improve throughout the year.

I get to laugh so much that my stomach hurts.

I get to be creative, have fun, get messy, and learn along with my amazing 10 and 11 year olds!

Don’t get me wrong …

Teaching isn’t always easy. I have lots of students with lots of different needs. I have students that are gifted. I have students with learning disabilities. I have students with autism. But these are just labels, and as with all students, I believe that success comes from high expectations, scaffolding when needed, student choice, student voice, differentiation (always), and small group support.

Some days are challenging, but I’m glad that I have these difficult days. School is truly all #AboutTheKids, and I’m the lucky one to get to struggle and succeed along with my incredible students.

No matter what your role in education, what makes you the “lucky one?” How do you remind yourself of this each and every day?


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