Ode To Toby

Toby Is Lying On The Blanket

Toby (On The Blanket) And Zoe (Up Above)

Toby had numerous quirks:

  • He’d always check behind the shed for a squirrel as soon as he went outside.
  • He’d always give one extra bark to see if a squirrel might appear. You just never know! 🙂
  • He always slept at the top of the bed on the pillows or the bottom of the bed at your feet. He never liked when you moved … ever! You might get a little warning growl.
  • He always barked — a lot! I think that he was just trying to say, “hi.”
  • Halloween was his least favourite holiday. It was like the Ultimate Barkfest: people walking on the street, people knocking on the door, and people coming near the house — so many problems for one little dog!
  • While the house is shaped in a big circle, he always went up the same set of stairs and down the same set of stairs. He didn’t like change!
  • He never went down in the basement — EVER! Big stairs scared him. He’d go up the stairs, but never down them.
  • He loved barbecued hot dogs. He always knew that barbecue for dinner meant a hot dog for him.
  • He always kept a close eye on the barbecue. The minute that hot dog came off, he flew to the back door, barking and crying, and loudly announcing that dinner was ready.
  • He made a combined barking, whining, crying sound every time you came home. No one was as loyal as Toby!
  • He loved his morning “toast.” The morning routine was get up, feed him bread, let him out, and then on a good day, go back to bed. The perfect life for a dog! 🙂
  • His best friend was Zoe: our other cocker spaniel. He’d curl up with Zoe to sleep, share his food with Zoe, and even let her out the door first.
  • He’d always wait at the door to see if you might offer him a “treat” to come inside. He loved treats! Soft bones were his favourite.
  • He always went to bed at 9:00. He would be in a deep sleep on the sofa, but when 9:00 came, he woke up, walked down the hall to the bedroom, barked, and went to bed.
  • He’d hold onto his medication each day until all of the toast was gone, and then he’d spit his pill back out. He knew this would lead to some peanut butter, and he loved peanut butter!
  • He always sensed when you were sick or upset, and he always stayed a little bit closer on the days when he knew you needed him most.

Toby was a wonderful dog, a loyal friend, and an important part of the family! Today, in the midst of such happy news, we had to make a hard choice to put him down. Before I left for my interview this morning, I hand fed him food, held out a little container of water from which he could drink, and even gave him a few extra bones. At the time, I didn’t know that we’d have to make this decision today, but I had a feeling that things were bad.

Tonight, the house is quieter. Tonight, nobody greeted me at the door with that barking, whining, crying sound. Tonight is a sad night, but tonight, I know that Toby is no longer suffering. Tonight, I said goodbye to one of my beloved pets! I’ll miss you, Toby, and every time I see a squirrel, I’ll think of you!



20 thoughts on “Ode To Toby

  1. My sincerest condolences. In Dec 2012, I was faced with the same choice, so fast-moving, so little time to think about what was best. I lost my Rocco after over 12 years of immense joy. It was the hardest evening of my life. I love how you’ve remembered the quirks; I did the same on a blog for Rocco and it helped me endure the sorrow by living with his memory. Hugs to you.

    • Thank you so much, Tyson! I’m so sorry to hear about Rocco. I’ve had to make this decision in the past as well, and it’s never an easy one to make. Remembering the quirks seems to help in some way. This was cathartic to write, and I’m glad that I did.

      I really appreciate your support!

    • Thanks Aaron! Our pets are definitely very important parts of our family, and somehow writing this post helped me make it through a very sad evening!


  2. I’m so sorry that you had to make the decision Aviva. It is not an easy thing to do. Thinking about you as you adjust to the hole that Toby will leave in your house and your heart.

  3. I’m glad I got to read the post about the job before I got to this one, otherwise I’d be in more of a mess than I am right now. Hope you’re okay. So much change all at once – be gentle with yourself, please.

    • Thanks Lisa! Definitely lots of change all at once. Yesterday was certainly a day of “highs” and “lows.” Hoping for a few less extremes today.

      Thank you for your support — so much appreciated!

  4. I, too, share your sorrow. I’m afraid the same decision will face me over the next few months with my dear furry friend. Virtual hugs going out to you today, tomorrow and for weeks to come.

  5. What a wonderful tribute to Toby. Sigh. It is so hard to make the decision… But you did for all the right reasons. Still, so sad for you.
    PS I did click through on the link about your happy news:) “Like”

    • Thanks Anne! It was a sad choice, but I still think it was the right thing to do. Somehow that doesn’t necessarily make the decision easier …

      Thanks for the support!

      P.S. Glad you like my happy news too! I’m excited about this!

  6. A wonderful tribute to Toby Aviva. I’m so sorry Toby’s declining health came with such a difficult decision for you. I believe that you made the right choice to end his suffering as sad a choice as that may be. Pets are major parts of our families and leave great holes on their passing.

    • Thanks Sharron! It was definitely hard to make this decision, but I think, certainly the right one to make. I have many good memories of my very “good boy!”


  7. Oh Aviva, I am so sorry. I came down with the stomach flu last night so I didn’t know. That’s the worst but I am glad you know he is at peace. Losing a pet is so hard. I hope Zoe is not too lonely. Xo

    • Thanks Andrea! I hope that you’re feeling better. It was a difficult decision for sure, but the right one for Toby. Zoe’s very lonely, but I think that she may have a new puppy friend soon. We’re looking this weekend!


  8. So sad to have to read this post, Aviva. What a lovely tribute to a best friend. I hope that your life is full of great squirrel moments in honour of Toby.

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