Challenging You To Try Out “Challenge”

This is another guest blog post by my amazing students! While one student wrote about the Challenge Game, multiple students participated in our example. Thanks to our vice principal, Kristi, for teaching us this wonderful game that has truly changed the whole dynamic of our classroom!


Hello readers,

This is Ella writing for the fantabulous blog of my teacher. You may have seen me on Twitter: EM official school tweeter. I write from my teacher’s account. But anyway, enough about me … I am writing today to educate students and teachers around the world about a special thinking game called ‘Challenge’. This is how you play:

1) Get into a group, find a partner, or if you are going alone, an opponent.

2) Find a topic that has 2 sides of the story that both ‘teams’ can debate.

3) Ask questions about the other team’s reasoning to make them think of problems with their ideas and to get them thinking. *Note: You can ONLY ask questions. If you are sharing your ideas initially, then just say them, but after that, you can only ask questions to get them thinking.

This is why you should play:

A lot of teachers and students are all about just knowledge. Tests, researching facts … BORING! They take stuff from the Internet and automatically think it is right. Challenge will get them thinking about what they read. And in real life, you are going to need to know how to think and challenge and debate with others for much more important things.

Keep calm and challenge on 😉 This is Ella, as the guest blogger, signing out (literally).


Ella 🙂

Our Sample Challenge Games

Students Share Why Challenge Is A Good Option

How might you use Challenge in the classroom? What benefits and/or drawbacks can you see in doing so? 


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