The Little Things …

Here’s to the little things …

  • The excitement I have first thing each morning when I see if I made it or didn’t make it in my parking spot.
  • My morning chat with our awesome head caretaker. 
  • The happy “good morning” greetings from our fantastic secretaries.
  • Daily laughs with my principal and vice principal. (I’m glad that they both appreciate my sense of humour!)
  • The stories my students tell me as they come in each morning.
  • The Grade 8’s that always pop their head in the room to say “hello” as they pass our classroom door! My students call them my “fan club.” 🙂 
  • The student that eagerly wants to be my teaching partner. One day, he told me that I could have the day off, and he would teach. Never fails to make me smile!
  • The JK student that sees me in the hallway, screams my last name (to her, I’m only “Dunsiger”  🙂 ), and always comes running over to give me a hug. 
  • My daily bus duty excitement! (This “little thing” deserved a blog post of its own.)
  • The Grade 1 student that lost his Pokemon card, told me all about it after school today, but then promised to make a “lost sign” for me to hang up at school on Monday. (When our conversation started, he was sad, but by the time it was over, he was hopeful and happy!)
  • The Conga Line of Grade 5’s during our assembly finale today. Joined together, all included, and giddy with excitement, this Conga Line of students left me leaving the assembly today with a great big smile!

As the year comes to an end, and I’m quickly becoming overwhelmed with just the thought of packing and moving, I can’t help but think about all of these “little things” and smile. How do you celebrate the “little things” in education? What “little things” would be on your list? Maybe we can all end a wonderful school year with our lists of “little things.”


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