Here’s To The Parents!


Today was our Volunteer Breakfast, and for me, it was the last Volunteer Breakfast that I’ll help organize as a teacher at Ancaster Meadow School. As I sat back this morning and listened to conversations around the room, I thought about how lucky I was to connect with so many amazing parents over my nine years at the school.

  • Here’s to the parents that take work home to help prepare classroom materials.
  • Here’s to the parents that come in to read and write with the students each week.
  • Here’s to the parents that count lunch money and organize lunch forms.
  • Here’s to the parents that photocopy and sort materials to go home to students.
  • Here’s to the parents that work one-on-one with students.
  • Here’s to the parents that work in small groups with students.
  • Here’s to the parents that organize fundraisers.
  • Here’s to the parents that help coordinate special school events.
  • Here’s to the parent that emails me at 7:30 at night and offers to come over to the school and help me pack (this parent deserves a special thank you).
  • And here’s to the parents that might not be able to volunteer, but still spend hours supporting their child at home each morning and/or each night. You read together. You write together. You work through math problems together. You collaborate. You debate. You struggle, and you succeed. You are, and will always be, your child’s first teacher!

I will never forget my Methods Professor in the Faculty of Education. She told the class these words that have stayed with me over the years: “Parents give us the best that they have.” Thank you forĀ all of the extras that you do at home and at school to not just support your “best” (your child), but to support all of the “bests” out there. I’m fortunate to work and learn with all of you!


2 thoughts on “Here’s To The Parents!

  1. When we have such awesome teachers to volunteer for, a volunteer only wants to do all they can do!! Being able to interact with all the children, Teachers and Staff make my day better. Being able to help, makes me feel great! Seeing everyone’s smiles because you were able to make their day a bit nicer, totally worth volunteering. You feel like you are a part of a team, a team that is educating your child.

    “It takes a village to raise a child.” By being involved in the school, engaging in what is going on in school, keeping a line of communication open, helping wherever you can to help Teachers and the Staff be at their best…..makes the village that my children are being raised in a better place.

    I am just as fortunate to work and learn alongside all of you!!!

    • Thank you, Rebecca, and thanks for all you do! It does take a “village to raise a child,” and I’m so glad that I’ve been part of such a kind, compassionate, and dedicated “village” at Ancaster Meadow School.


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