Celebrate Good Times – Come On!

Today, I’m celebrating a lot!

I’m celebrating that all students could open a book the right way.

I’m celebrating that all students see themselves as readers.

I’m celebrating that students are writing more than they did before.

I’m celebrating that students are getting excited about reading and writing.

I’m celebrating that students are eager to talk and think about math.

I’m celebrating that students see the value in thinking, and are willing to take the time to think to answer hard questions.

I’m celebrating that, “I can’t’s” are being replaced with, “I can’s” and/or “I will try’s.”

I’m celebrating that students are seeing how much they can help each other and are starting to rely less on me.

I’m celebrating that students are supporting and encouraging each other.

I’m celebrating that school is a place that all students want to be, and they’re excited to come back again tomorrow.

It’s so easy to get caught up in what we still need to do and where we still need to go, that I think it’s worth taking a few minutes to celebrate the successes. What are you “celebrating” today? Whether in the comments below or on Twitter (#happyday), I hope all of us can take a moment to celebrate a wonderful start to a wonderful week. Here’s to many more!


6 thoughts on “Celebrate Good Times – Come On!

    • Thanks Rola! I hadn’t really thought about that idea, but I love it. I wonder what they would “celebrate.” It’s great when all of us can look on the positive side of life (and learning).


  1. Hi Aviva,

    Love this way of looking at your day, your week, your year! Lots to celebrate and a reminder not to focus on the negative or challenging parts of our days.

    Today, I’m celebrating the fact that Room 209 came up with their class name – The Gladiator Snails!

    I infer from your list of celebrations that perhaps not all students knew how to open a book properly when you met them last week. It’s the little things we don’t even know we need to teach!

    • Thanks Shauna! You have very good inferring skills! 🙂 Very few students knew how to do some of these things last week, & seeing these little changes this week make me so happy! I couldn’t help but think of my previous principal, Paul, & his great ability to focus on the positive. Keeping these positives in mind is a great way to always leave school smiling. How do you focus on the positive?


      • One of the ways I try to focus on the positives is that I keep an ongoing file every year called “I Remember” and the year. As funny things happen, I plug them into this file. Great to refer back to at tough times and to share some memories with the students at the end of the year!

        • Great idea, Shauna! It’s funny: I was looking back at some blog posts from previous years in the last couple of weeks. Looking at growth over time is a great way to stay positive. Maybe my blog posts are kind of like my “electronic files.” 🙂


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