Listening To How Grade 1’s Learn Best!

As the students were working the other day on the paper mache volcano for our Dinosaur Jurassic Park, I overheard part of a conversation on how they learn best. I wasn’t able to capture the conversation at the time, so I decided to ask them their thoughts today. Here are the insightful words that my Grade 1’s had to share.

How would your students answer this question? How would their words impact on your classroom practices? Last year, my principal and vice principal at the time, inspired me to have students reflect in ways that I hadn’t done before. I was reluctant to continue some of these same practices this year, as I didn’t know if I was asking too much of six-year-olds. I’m sorry! I should have thought differently. In education, the kids matter most to me: their voices matter too! What do you think?


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