Small Joy

On Friday night, I received a tweet with this request:

2015-06-14_15-50-13Labika is a Grade 12 student at a local Hamilton high school, and she was looking for some six word memoirs as part of a culminating task for one of her courses. She definitely harnessed the power of Twitter by tweeting people directly, as well as sending her request out to the world. Yesterday, I looked at her tweets to see how she was doing, and I was amazed to see so many educators chiming in with their memoirs. She got contributions from teachers, administrators, superintendents, trustees, Board personnel, and even authors, all willing to help her out.

This whole process made me incredibly happy! Why? Because regardless of how well these individuals knew Labika, they all came through to support her. This didn’t happen during school hours. This wasn’t a job requirement. There was no onus to respond … but so many people did respond and share their “voices” as part of this incredible video that Labika created.

In the midst of our current contract negotiations, I think it’s nice to be able to sit back and celebrate the good in educationSeeing this support for a student is definitely part of the “good.” Let’s all share these wonderful moments with the #4MyStudents Twitter hashtag (thanks Andrew Campbell) because it’s easy to lose sight of this “small stuff” that still has tremendous value!



4 thoughts on “Small Joy

  1. Awh Aviva, I was just finishing up my assignment and saw this! I definitely think that the support that I received yesterday was incredibly beautiful and so heart warming.

    I was crying during Friday’s writer’s craft class to Mr. Behiel because I was just very upset, stressed and wanted my mom to be at my graduation. Mr. Behiel told me that I have a lot of supports and people who are wiling to help me and that I have a lot of friends (some who he joked are his age) and some are my actual age. After a day like Friday, I was so overwhelmed with mixed emotions and when I got so many six word memoirs, I was happy that I could make the video for the full song! I ignored the emotions I was dealing with through the day and just focussed my entire weekend on my culminating projects.

    The things educators do for students is beautiful and just amazing! I’m so thank full for the support you have given me over the past few months. You’re an incredibly good hearted person who cares so much for everyone around you.

    Thank you!!
    Such a beautiful post!! Definitely made my day :’)

    • Wow! Thanks so much for such a lovely comment, Labika! I think that you bring out the positives in people because it’s clear how much you do for others and how much you care about them. I’m so glad that in this case, so many people could help you out. The video that you put together is beautiful and such a lovely way to honour all of the different voices.

      I’m really sorry to hear that your mom won’t be at your graduation, but I have no doubt that she’ll be thinking about you on this special day. I know that you’ll be surrounded by many others that care about you and want to celebrate in your success! Happy (almost) graduation!


      • Hi Aviva,
        No problem, thanks for writing a lovely post!
        Awh thank you so much!!

        I miss my mom a lot. She is such a great support in my life but I probably will be skyping her right before my grad!
        Luckily there is wifi at school.

        I know I will be surrounded by so many amazing people. It won’t feel the same without my mom but I have many other “moms” at school.

        • So glad that you’ll be able to Skype with your mom, Labika! I’m sure she misses you too. You are definitely surrounded by so many people that care about you, and I hope that you have a wonderful grad with all of them!


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