About More Than “Making” …

Tomorrow is our very first Dr. Davey Maker Day. I’m beyond thrilled about this special day. As another teacher and I have worked together to finalize the details and coordinate the day, I came to an important realization. Tomorrow is about so much more than “making.”

  • It’s about giving students meaningful opportunities to problem solve.
  • It’s about allowing for both independent work and collaboration.
  • It’s about developing and applying critical thinking skills.
  • It’s about less “teacher talk” time and more “student talk” time. (As you can see from my contribution to this blog post of David Fife‘s, I’m passionate about this.)
  • It’s about student voice and student choice.
  • It’s about showing that learning doesn’t always have to happen at a desk, or on the carpet, or with a pencil, or with the teacher at the front of the room. Tomorrow is about showing that tinkering, playing, and creating, can also lead to learning.
  • It’s about student leadership. I’m proud to be co-facilitating my session with an amazing Grade 4 student that is eager to help others learn to code.

2015-06-23_19-12-50At the end of the day tomorrow, we have the opportunity for a reflection. I’m very eager to see and hear what students have to say.

  • Will they all enjoy this type of learning environment?
  • Will they all benefit from it?
  • If not, what’s stopping the students from being successful? How can we change this?
  • Will all students be able to make the link between “making” and “learning?” 
  • If not, how do we help develop these metacognitive skills in students?

As my students reflect tomorrow, I know that I’ll be doing some reflecting as well … not just on the day, but on my teaching practices and how I can continue to refine them. I’m curious to find out the impact that tomorrow has on students and on teachers. What will people think of the day? How will they respond to the highs and lows? It’s time to start “making” and find out! Watch the #daveymaker hashtag to see for yourself.



2 thoughts on “About More Than “Making” …

  1. I would be interested to find out how the Arduino works for you. I am supporting an Enrichment Centre teacher and students next year as they explore the use of the Raspberry Pi and coding.

    • Thanks for the comment, Norma! There were a group of students that were very interested in the Arduino, and they managed to do some amazing things together. (I still don’t quite understand how it works. 🙂 ) I know that Zoe Branigan-Pipe has used them as part of her program. It may be worth talking to her more about them. Good luck!


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