“I’m being a dot!”

Today was International Dot Day, and our students were very excited to listen to Peter Reynolds‘ story, The Dot, and make their mark in a way of their choice.

I share this information here because of how the day ended. Shortly before home time, all of the students gathered together to sing some songs and engage in some movement activities. We’re working on playing with words, and my partner, Mandie, developed a fun game to go with the song Willaby Wallaby WooAll of the students were sitting around in a circle playing the game and singing the song … except for one student. This child sat in the middle of the carpet and twirled around in a circle for the entire song. I’m actually surprised that she didn’t get dizzy.

When the song ended, Mandie asked her, “Why weren’t you sitting in the circle with the rest of your friends?” Her response was, “I’m being a dot. I’m making my mark.” Mandie and I couldn’t help but smile. In so many different ways, she was making her mark …

  • Showing us the value in creativity.
  • Reminding us that the same activity may not work for everyone.
  • Reminding us of the importance of asking, “why,” before reacting to students.
  • Showing us that students need opportunities to make connections and develop their own meaning based on what they hear and see.

Maybe we all need to be a little like this student. Be brave. Be different. Make “our mark” in our own creative and personal ways. Dot Day is going to have a very special meaning to me from now on thanks to this four-year-old. How did your students make their mark today? How can we support and encourage the diverse ways that students and adults alike can make their marks?


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