A Few Kind Words

Last September, I started teaching at a new school. It was a wonderful move for me, and while I still miss Ancaster Meadow, I do love Dr. Davey. A couple of times this week though, I’ve realized something very special about this school.

While I’ve made some friends at Dr. Davey, I’ve basically just formed nice working relationships with my colleagues. I was then surprised when twice this week, staff members went out of their way to drop by to chat before school and at the end of the day. In both cases, somehow these colleagues knew what I was thinking/feeling, and they were there to share words of encouragement and offers to help. These conversations made me think about my previous interactions with colleagues. I know that I may have acted in a similar way for a good friend, but would I have supported all staff members as these individuals supported me?

I wonder about the impact on a school if all of us found ways to genuinely “build up” all of our colleagues. I know that the words that these people shared with me, slowly helped change my perspective, gave me another reason to try again, and made me believe a little bit more in myself. If we want to bring about change in a school, don’t we all need that feeling that we can do it, that we’re part of a team, and that we matter? I think we do. What do you think?


4 thoughts on “A Few Kind Words

  1. I totally agree Aviva! Building relationships and support networks with colleagues is so important. I also agree that being genuinely interested is necessary. It would be so amazing if people just spoke kindly, offered support and shared resources, instead of being competitive. We could build such strong learning communities and be great role models for our students. Let’s face it will all havr bad days and knowing you have people to lean on at work makes it easier to push on. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    • Thanks Sarah! I think it’s really nice when we can lean on each other, and trust that we have such genuine support from the people in our building. This week, I really found that this support made me want to keep trying. It’s amazing the impact of a few kind words. I wonder what others think.


  2. I know you won’t be surprised that I agree with you 100%. If we don’t feel part of a team and if we aren’t finding every opportunity to build each other up equitably, it is not a happy place. So happy to know that I have such wonderful colleagues in my building, as well as colleagues in my PLN online, too. 🙂

    • Thanks Michelle! It’s so nice to feel like part of a team, and I think that we all regularly need to know that “we matter.” I’m very glad to have you as a part of my PLN, and I’m incredibly grateful for the amazing people that I learn from/with online and in person every single day!


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