What’s the value in a smile?

I had an experience yesterday morning, which I found myself thinking about a lot last night.


The truth is, sometimes I feel sad. Sometimes I feel angry or frustrated. Sometimes I wish I handled situations differently than I did. I have asked for, and taken, many do-overs. 

There are times at school that I might cry. There are other times that I feel like a good scream might help. But when I’m in the hallways, when I’m outside on the playground, and when I’m in the classroom, I try to smile, laugh, and enjoy myself … and on Friday, I realized just how much this matters. I’m going to regularly think back on this conversation, and try to find even more reasons to smile, as you never know what your happy face may be saying to somebody else. I believe in the words that I shared yesterday morning: school is a wonderful place to be! How do we help everyone truly enjoy the school experience? Monday is coming up soon enough. Will you be smiling? I will be. Join me!


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