Maybe It’s Okay To Take A Break

It’s nearing the end of our March Break. For the first time in a very long time, I really did take some time off. Don’t get me wrong: I always spend some time over March Break reading books, meeting with friends, and sleeping in, but I also usually do a little bit of school work each day. Today is Friday, and I didn’t even think about doing work until later on this week. I even shared far fewer tweets and Instagram posts over the past week (which is a rarity for me), and this is my first time blogging since last Saturday.

Yes, I do have some things that need to get done before I head back to school on Monday. I have …

  • some errands to run.
  • lesson plans to print.
  • a presentation to finish.

I’m also taking a course through The MEHRIT Centre, and I did spend time over the Break working through the current modules. I’m not sure if I really consider this work though. Much of my time for this course is spent conversing online with amazing people that have given me a better understanding of self-regulation. It’s really because of this course that I took a real break this week. I’ve come to understand the importance of my own mental health, and if I’m relaxed and recharged, I can do and be so much more for my students. 

When my superintendent, Sue Dunlop, sent me this tweet this morning …

Screenshot 2016-03-18 at 14.29.59

I decided that I am going to end this Break reading a great mystery book because it’s something that I love. Please don’t get me wrong. I love teaching, and I am looking forward to going back to school on Monday. I’m excited to see the kids again, and I’m very eager to see how they respond to some upcoming invitations for learning. 

Maybe it’s okay though to admit that we need a break and take the time to have one. What do you think? How do you recharge? I hope that everyone had a great March Break and got some well-deserved “me time.”


8 thoughts on “Maybe It’s Okay To Take A Break

    • Yes, Sue! I know that you’ve blogged on this topic before, and I’m glad that you share this important message. I’m not always the best at taking a break, but I am trying to get better.


  1. Know what you mean Aviva. Sort of part of letting go. Hard for me as well but grandkids put it all in perspective. Love reading your posts! Your reflections and questions keep me in the thick of things, even in retirement.

    • Thanks for the comment and kind words, Faige! Glad you can find this time to relax, maybe with some help from your grandkids. It is hard to let go, but yes, sometimes we all need a break. And maybe we can give everyone else more of ourselves by taking this “me time.”


  2. Hi Aviva!

    Now this is a great post to see – I am so happy you managed to squeeze in some rest. I know how hard you work for school, blogging and moderating the online course as well. It is so important to rest when the holidays come.

    The past year or so, I have also realised how great it is and I can see the difference when I go back.

    Enjoy the rest of the break and have a great start in Monday! And good luck with the vegetables!


    • Thanks Vicky! I really appreciate your comment and encouragement. I love what I do, and that makes the hard work worth it, but this March Break was a good reminder that we all need a chance to relax. I wonder how others unwind.


  3. Aviva,

    I am so glad to hear you had a great March break and are excited to head back next week. The planting provocations look like fun. Can’t wait to see how they unfold.

    Despite having a debilitating month of vertigo earlier this year, and knowing I need time to rest and recuperate, I did not manage to take much time “off” over the break.

    Time “off” for me really means time alone; to have quiet reflection; read a book for fun. Sleeping in and not having to rush was the most “break” I found.

    Our family just seemed to find other ways to be busy. While the time off is lovely, having 3 kids at home to keep occupied often means subsituting work for other acitivities to keep them from killing each other 😜

    With that said it was a productive week on many front. I am looking forward to being back into routine and pushing through the last few months of the year. Loads of new and exciting projects on the horizon to look forward to. But first – I am going to follow you lead and enjoy the last 2 days of the break reading a book for fun!


    • Thanks for the comment, Sarah! Sounds like you had a fairly busy Break, and yes, with three kids at home, I can imagine how busy you’ve been. Glad to hear that you’re going to use the end of the Break to enjoy a good book. I do love reading!

      I hope that you find some time to relax in the coming months. Seems like you have a lot of exciting things on the go, but “me time” is still important too. Maybe I should be thinking about how we find time to relax when not on Break … hmmm … This is definitely a bigger challenge of mine.


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