#2016MAM (Make A Memory)

As I’ve blogged about before, change can be a wonderful thing. This is my fifteenth year teaching for the Board, and over these years, I’ve taught JK-Grade 6 in some capacity at six different schools. I’ve loved all of these experiences and learned a lot from all of them too.

Next year, I’m ready to embark on a new adventure. This evening, I accepted a position to teach Kindergarten at Rousseau School. After 11 years teaching at very large schools, I will be moving to a much smaller school in a different area of the Board. I’m certain that this will bring with it some new learning for me, and I’m very excited to learn from/with the Rousseau team.

That said, as with any change, I’m also really going to miss Dr. Davey! I cannot say enough wonderful things about the staff, students, and parents at the school. I have learnt so much in these past two years, and I know that I’ve become a better, more patient, more understanding, and more creative teacher as a result. My time at Dr. Davey has been full of marvellous memories (I do love alliteration), and I’m determined to capture many more great memories before I leave in June. As an avid tweeter, I thought that I would hashtag these memories using #2016MAM (Make A Memory) to create my own digital memory book. Does anyone want to join me? Simply hashtag your tweets, and together, we can collect our memories of this year before starting our next great adventure!



2 thoughts on “#2016MAM (Make A Memory)

  1. Congratulation in your new position. I have loved working with you. No doubt I have learned a lot from you. You are more than a teacher partner, a mentor, a supporter, a counselor, and much much more.
    Please do keep in touch. My only wish is that we could worked together again. (inshaAllah)
    Good luck! You will be missed.

    • Oh Nayer … the feelings are definitely mutual! It has been the most wonderful experience working and learning with you, and you’ve taught me so much. I hope that our paths cross again (inshaAllah). I will really miss you too, and I hope that you keep in touch. Any teacher is very lucky to get to work with you!


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