Grateful For Dr. Davey School

Today was my last assembly at Dr. Davey School. As I sat there watching our students and listening to our principal address the group, it really hit me that I’m leaving. While I’m excited about another new learning opportunity, I’m also sad to go. I will forever be grateful for …

an energetic, thoughtful, and caring staff that always finds ways to enjoy their time with each other and with the students.

incredible children that constantly make me think and laugh, while also challenging me to take risks and become a better “me.”

an amazing teaching partner that is always there to support me and the students, while also taking risks, having fun, and showing the value in sometimes channelling our inner child. 

a terrific principal and vice principal that support me in countless ways: always making the time no matter how busy they may be.

awesome parents that trust us with their children every day, work with us to meet their needs, and connect with us in so many ways: from face-to-face discussions to classroom experiences to online conversations.

A special “thank you” to this parent that let me share this tweet with you.

I was once told that “Dr. Davey is a special place.” It’s true. It is. I can’t find the words to describe the love, the support, and the energy that makes its way through the building, but I’m glad that I had the chance to experience it. 

As the school year comes to an end, what are you thinking? What have you learnt from this year? Here’s to savouring the memories while also making new ones in our remaining days together!


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