On World Teachers Day, This Was The Best Present Of All!

Today is World Teachers Day, and I had one of those special moments this morning that reminded me why I love to teach. Last week, I blogged about my “office in the hallway,” and why I adore this little spot of mine. Since my favourite corner in the hall is next to the hydration station, students from the classroom often stop to talk to me as they refill their water bottles. This is what happened today.


I love connecting with individual students. It’s as you spend your time talking (and listening) to kids that you find out about what interests them, you find out about what they know, you find out about their wonders, and you form those important relationships that allow learning to happen. I try to do this in the classroom, and you’ll often hear video recordings of me speaking with one or two children or listening in on their conversations and playtime interactions. That said, in a class of 32 Kindergartners — soon to be 33 — it’s hard to have these times without interruptions. 

This special snack time made me realize the value of this quiet 1:1 time. Maybe I need to share my “office in the hallway” more frequently. I keep thinking about our Board’s first priority of “positive culture and well-being,” and if opportunities like what happened today could help with this priority. We both went back to the classroom this morning very happy, and I wonder if this happiness was at least partially responsible for more positive learning experiences for the rest of the day. Relationships really do matter most of all! In busy classrooms with many students, how do you take the time to connect with each child? I can’t imagine a better present on World Teachers Day than positive, memorable moments with a child. Can you?


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