What would they say?

This week, a mom and her daughter created this sign for our classroom. 

I happened to be out at a meeting when she presented this sign to the class, but when I got back and saw what was shared, I had to hold back my tears. Why?

This, to me, is everything that Paula and I strive for in a classroom. I love how there’s not one mention of academics, and yet, every skill mentioned here is what makes academic growth possible. This sign shows …

  • that relationships are paramount.
  • that we all support each other.
  • that children feel safe to take risks, and we encourage this risk-taking.
  • that we believe in the power of perseverance, and children also believe in it.
  • that school is a wonderful place to be, and that in this environment, children will always feel loved. 

I’ve never asked parents before for their view of the classroom, but after this, I just might start. This child’s sign made me think about how I would want others to view our room, and how they do. What might other parents put on their signs? Do their words align with our view of teaching and learning, and if not, are there changes we need to make? I wonder if other educators have thought about this as well. What have you asked, and what have you found out? As Donna Miller Fry said in her comment on this post, I think that I’ll also be looking back at this sign often as a reminder of why we do what we do. What about you?



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