What If We Socialize Even More Of Our Reading?

I love to read. I especially love reading over holiday times, when I have less professional commitments, and I can really take the time to enjoy a good book. I’m a social reader, and after I finish a book, I often post my short reviews on Twitter or Instagram. Summer started a few days ago, and I already posted a couple of reviews. It was a comment that I received on my first book review that makes me wonder if we could take these social reviews a bit further.

After I posted the short note above, Susan Bosher replied with a comment. 

What a fantastic idea! I went for more of a generic hashtag — #summerread2018 — but with Susan’s suggestion, I went back and added #avivaandfriendsrecos. I’m hoping that others will take to share their book recommendations and reviews here. I can’t help but think about a common next step that we often write on report cards: read daily over the summer. The wording might vary somewhat, but the intention is the same. What if we invited parents/families to share some of their summer reads using a Twitter or Instagram hashtag? I wonder if this might lead to more book talks, an increased interest in reading, and greater connections around books for adults and children.

My summer reads are not largely professional ones. I’ll probably read a couple of school books, but I’ll read far more mysteries, suspense novels, and fiction books. I think that’s okay. Our students may enjoy various reads, just as we do. Is the key really to read? If as educators, we share our reading, might we inspire others to do the same? For the people reading this post, I hope that you’ll add your own recommendations to #avivaandfriendsrecos. Maybe a few more of us can connect around books this summer.


2 thoughts on “What If We Socialize Even More Of Our Reading?

  1. I wish I had read this half an hour ago. I just posted a brief recommendation about a serious but important book. I highly recommend Seven Fallen Feathers! I’ll try to remember the hashtag next time.

    • Thanks for sharing, Kristi! I have heard wonderful things about this book. Will need to add it to my list. Hope others will chime in with some book recommendations this summer!


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