My Communications of Learning Are Done … And I Feel Sad??

I just finished writing my last Communication of Learning. I still need to proofread them before handing them in, but the writing process is basically done now. On one hand, I’m overjoyed. It’s almost a case of #CueTheHappyDance, these three intense days of writing are now done. But on the other hand, I’m sad. This moment is bittersweet. These will be the last Communications of Learning that I write at Rousseau School.

I should be used to moving now, and there’s a part of me that’s incredibly excited about going. Osler brings with it new learning opportunities, new challenges, and new connections. But there’s also the sadness that comes from saying goodbye to amazing children, educators, and parents. I’m happy that I’m not leaving alone. Even if my teaching partner, Paula, and I are not in the same classroom, we’re nearby, and our connection can still remain. It will still remain. 

So for now, I’m choosing to find the humour and savour the experiences that are a part of packing up and getting ready to leave. Even packing up boxes on Friday, proved to be full of laughs. Hopefully others will appreciate the fun I had with my labelling. 🙂

And since I didn’t label the box with the hammers, this weekend led to another fun shopping expedition. I guess that you can never have too many hammers coming your way. 🙂 (Since I bought these with my own money, they are definitely making the trip to Osler. 🙂 )

As I wrote my last comment tonight, thought about some visitors tomorrow, and contemplated the week ahead, I could say one thing with certainty: Paula and I could not be more proud of our amazing students and how far they’ve come! Hopefully these Communications of Learning capture this growth and highlight the true essence of each child. For this is also the thinking behind them and what makes them so very different from report cards. I wonder then if this is why I procrastinated less on writing them than I did on writing my final report card comments three years ago at Dr. Davey. These Communications of Learning feel more like celebrating each child, and maybe this is what I need to do to also get through that lump-in-my-throat, I-think-that-I-might-throw-up-feeling that comes with change, no matter how thrilling that change may be. 

For every person that knows that I’m a teacher and says, “You must be so excited to be in that final stretch,” I’d like to say, “I would really love for time to slow down just a bit.” I think some deep breaths, extra coffee, good books, and lots of blogging may be just the Self-Reg I need to make it through the up and down feelings in the final weeks of the year. Imagine our kids that might be feeling exactly the same way. How can we support them and us in the exciting, scary, bittersweet end-of-June experiences? We’re not alone here.


2 thoughts on “My Communications of Learning Are Done … And I Feel Sad??

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I have openly cried while writing my COL’s this time. Tears of overwhelming joy at bearing witness to how much my littles have grown. While writing communications of learning are time consuming and labour intensive, the process is so rewarding as I mine through the documentation another time to look for the best samples. It’s celebratory and invigorating. Isn’t that the way learning should always be? Thanks for your posts and for always stimulating my thinking.

    • Thanks for your comment, Laurie! I think that you summed up perfectly the wonderfulness that is the Communication of Learning. Imagine if we also showed our students the joy that can come from this kind of deep reflection. Would it impact on their thoughts around reflective practice (and I’m saying this for well beyond kindergarten)? Thanks for giving me more to think about!


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