A Lot More Good …

This morning, I started my day as I always do, reading Doug Peterson‘s blog post. Little did I know how this post would speak volumes for the rest of my day.

For the third summer in a row, I’m the site lead at Camp Power. As part of this experience, I get to work with incredible children, parents, families, and educators. Yesterday, one of these educators, Jessie Mullin, helped facilitate something amazing when one of her campers came in upset. He explained to Miss Mullin that somebody stole his bike and his mom’s bike. This led to an authentic writing experience.

Jessie also used this experience for a great lesson in social media. We hear many negative social media stories, and often see how it’s the bad experiences that tend to trend. Doug’s morning post includes this point. But in the midst of the bad, there is still good in this world!

The Hamilton Police not only saw Jessie’s tweet, but also responded to it. They wanted to do something for this camper and his mom, and this is what led to today’s terrific experience.

I am not one to be speechless, but witnessing this today, leaves me feeling that way. What a heart-warming story that speaks to …

  • the value of social media,
  • the power of the written word,
  • the kindness of people,
  • and the importance of community connections. 

Our camp uses Twitter to help document and share much of our daily learning. Not every family is on Twitter, nor is every educator. But it was actually this bike experience that had Jessie showing her campers, and even this child’s mother, how to use Twitter. This bike experience not only got her tweeting, but seeing the positive power of a tweet.

In a world full of problems, I think that we can all appreciate and celebrate the good in this world. This bike story is that “good.” Thanks to Jessie for helping a camper solve a problem through writing, and thanks to the Hamilton Police for partnering with us to make a family’s day. What are your feel good stories? I wonder if we share more of them, if the CN Tower trending will help us not just suspect the worst. Could we ever get to a point where “good news stories” start to exceed the bad?


2 thoughts on “A Lot More Good …

  1. What a wonderful story, Aviva. Thank you for sharing it. A big shoutout has to go to the fine officers in Hamilton for their generosity. There really is good in this world and it needs to be celebrated. It would be nice if THIS story trended but chances are it won’t. But, it makes all the difference in the world to the two of them.

    • Thanks Doug! It really would be nice if this story trended, but even though it probably won’t, it’s awesome to read the number of amazing, positive responses from parents, educators, and community members on what happened here today. The story is getting out there, and many people are able to celebrate along with this camper and his mom. It’s a good reminder that there is definitely good in this world! Reading the lovely tweets from mom tonight makes my already happy heart even happier.


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