The Start … But What Comes Next?

For many years now, I’ve ended theΒ “set-up for back-to-school week” with a video tour of the classroom. Sometimes I record this tour on my own, and sometimes I record it with my teaching partner. In the past few years, I’ve also started to share the thinking behind our set-up. If nothing else, this is a good reminder for me that every item out and every placement of furniture was done with intent. As always, I recorded a tour again this year, and even did so through shorter Instagram posts, so that we could share this video footage as we did the rest of our set-up.

When I posted these tours yesterday, I also had a look at many other educator classroom posts. I was inspired to send out this tweet this morning.

There’s something exciting about seeing theΒ new.Β The Twittersphere and Instagram are full of posts highlighting classrooms right now. Imagine though how these rooms will change as the children arrive.Β What impact will kids have on the environment?Β I’m hoping that this classroom sharing continues throughout the year, and even highlights the changes to the spaces based on students, interests, and needs. Think of how much we could learn from each other if we not only shared the evolution of the environments, but the thoughts behind these changes. This is going to be one of my goals for this year.Β Are you with me?


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