Finding Joy

School just finished for the Winter Break, and this last week of school, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what brings us joy. As I look back at our outdoor play documentation, I can see and hear the joy in kids.

  • It’s in their laughter.
  • It’s in their conversations.
  • It’s in their dramatic play, which happens so much more, when a bigger space and more airflow allows for more discussions.
  • It’s in their creativity … and the knowledge of just what they are able to do.

Every joyful opportunity that these kids have at school can be connected to expectations. If you listen to the discussions that my teaching partner, Paula, and I have with them, you can probably hear these expectation links. Yet more and more, I’m reminded of the fact that with so many changes this year, and so much that we cannot do (at least not in the same way as before), sometimes it’s just as important to embrace the joy.

I might not have jumped down to make the snow angel (as tempting as it was) …

but I did help make a snowman, and while it wasn’t perfect, I loved every minute of it!

This year has been full of numerous unknowns, and with the announcement just before the Winter Break, there are possibly more unknowns — and changes — to come.

This Winter Break, I plan to focus a little bit more on joy, as I think we all need that right now. I keep thinking about Doug Peterson‘s blog post from the other day, and the little break that he plans on taking from some of his regular posting. I don’t plan on saying, “goodbye,” to blogging, and I know that I will be reflecting this holiday season. But maybe my posts won’t be as regular as before. Usually I would have published a blog post yesterday, but instead, I spent my first day of Winter Break immersed in reading, and it was wonderful.

I plan on starting another book today, and taking that needed break to recharge. I hope that others can do the same, and find their own pockets of joy this holiday season. We need it for ourselves, and when we return to school, we’ll need it for our kids. Happy holidays everyone, and possibly goodbye for just a little bit longer than usual. I will be back.


2 thoughts on “Finding Joy

  1. You know that you always Inspire me to make time for reading on my breaks, right? Joy is so important right now, and I am working to find it wherever I can! Having my little nuclear family reunited helps a lot!
    I am thinking, more than usual, of my lovely students , and how I can work on building joy with/for them over the break. I think I might throw a #jamornojam on a few mornings.

    • Just so you know, Lisa, now you’re inspiring me. I love your idea about building joy with/for your students over the Break. I’m wondering what might be possible in kindergarten. Hmmm … Maybe something to think about after Christmas and before New Year’s, when kids might like those connections most of all.


      P.S. I hope you post your reads too. You always provide great recommendations!

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