Joyful Moment #1: Yoga Storytelling

Recently, I read and commented on a blog post by Beth Lyons, where she talks about moving away from the #onewordX12 that she’s done for the past couple of years and focusing on something else. I’ve also tried a combination of #oneword and #onewordX12 resolution options for the past few years, but Beth has inspired me to consider something new. I love the idea of focusing on pockets of joy: not in an effort to ignore problems, but as a way of considering what might be working. A recent quick pivot online has me really searching for joyful moments each day, and I think that the first one I found was yoga storytelling.

For one of our meeting times each day, the kids work with my teaching partner, Paula, to create a yoga story. It’s kind of like our own version of Cosmic Kids Yoga. We start by looking at different poses together, and then begin the storytelling. This also includes a reading and writing component, as we brainstorm ideas together, reflect on children shared on previous days, and problem solve where to go next.

Paula and I love how everyone has an entry point with these reading and writing opportunities: some even storytelling through visual arts, as mentioned in our Kindergarten Program Document. Students are so excited to communicate new ideas, and we can often support conversations here without a need to always raise hands, which both Paula and I prefer.

There’s something wonderful about hearing the many contributions from kids, seeing the active participation from everyone, and noticing the numerous smiles as we connect in this fun and active way: even online. Next week, our teacher candidate Miranda is going to co-facilitate these yoga stories with Paula, and I’m excited to observe this dynamic and how the stories evolve.

I’m not going to pretend that virtual learning is always sunshine and roses, but I do like to make the most of it, and this yoga storytelling brings along with it consistently happy moments each school day. Parents, educators, and administrators, what were some of your joyful moments this past week? Maybe if we share them — even if they are only small pockets of joy — we can help spread a little more happiness in the week ahead. I don’t know about you, but I always benefit from a few extra reasons to smile.


2 thoughts on “Joyful Moment #1: Yoga Storytelling

  1. That sounds like a really worthwhile activity, Aviva. Enough small moments of joy will build on each other and will serve to remind that all is not rotten in the state of Denmark. Happiness needs to be cultivated even at the best of times. It may be more of a challenge these days but it’s got to be worth it.

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