Finding Joy

I don’t usually blog in the middle of the week, but I was inspired to do so today. I was actually inspired to blog about a couple of different topics, but I still need to reflect on one a little bit more before I put the post out there. When I got to our Reading Specialist Team meeting today, I had the opportunity to chat with Jodie Howcroft: one of the Program Consultants. Jodie knows that I’m fairly active on Twitter, and she wondered if I had decided on a #oneword goal, as many other tweeters have done. This made me think about some recent blog posts by Doug Peterson, where he reflects on different people’s “one words.” When #oneword resolutions became popular many years ago, I started to choose one of my own. Slowly, I moved away from this practice. I don’t know if I’ve officially selected a word this year, but I have deliberately made a choice to focus more intentionally on something: joy.

In my new role as a Reading Specialist, I often tweet out reflections throughout my day. As part of these tweets, I’m trying to share a few of my daily joys.

These are just some of the joyful moments that I’ve shared recently.

Sometimes teaching can be hard. Sometimes it’s easy to get immersed in what’s not working or what you would rather work differently. I consider myself a fairly happy and positive person, but occasionally, we all need that reminder to find joy. With this as a goal, I think it’s shifting my perspective of every moment, including those that might seem far from perfect.

On some days I might share multiple joys, and on others, I might share less, but with joy as a goal, I wonder if it helps shift my perspective. Anyone else want to join me in this #DailyJoy? I would love to hear about your moments — whether big or small — that make you smile.


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    • Awww … thanks Doug! The feeling is mutual. It’s why I always start my day with your posts. More Edubloggers sharing their thinking and learning with the world would be a joyful thing indeed.


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