We Can’t Give Up On Kids: A Story Of Success

As educators, we all know that we shouldn’t give up on kids. I would like to believe that none of us ever do. And yet, sometimes, we honestly feel as though we’ve tried everything — every approach, every suggestion, every strategy — and nothing seems to work. While we might not intentionally give up on kids, it’s in these situations that we might start to question if our time could be better spent trying to move another child forward. From a reading lens, could this child be one of the few who might not learn to read?

Then Wednesday happened … I knew that I had to write up this story. It was one of the most amazing experiences that I’ve had as an educator, and I just got to witness it.

I think that Jodie, one of the consultants in our Board, summed things up so well about why this reading approach worked.

As magical as this experience felt, it was a combination of intentional moves that made the difference for this child. It was also thanks to a classroom educator who cares so incredibly deeply about all of her students and found a way to not give up on any of them. I’ve been involved as part of this process, but she deserves so much of the kudos for this reading breakthrough.

Another week is upon us, and likely all educators will be faced with at least one child who’s struggling in some way. Maybe we all need to hear this story of success to remind us that progress might be slow, but it’s always possible. What are your special stories? These stories of growth might not always be captured in a report card mark, but through our anecdotes, we can still find ways to celebrate.


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