Resurrecting Twitter For PD: Will Others Join Me In #ONLang2023?

As I was vacillating on a few different blog posts to write today, I read Doug Peterson‘s morning post on cursive writing and the new Language Curriculum Document. I left one comment at the time, but soon, some replies from him and Andrew Forgrave, led to me leaving a couple of more. This experience, and the sharing on both Twitter and on Doug’s post, made me think again about a tweet that I sent a few days ago.

On Tuesday afternoon, I saw a tweet from Kate Winn announcing the release of the new, highly-anticipated Language Document. This took me back to June of 2016, when the government release The Kindergarten Program Document. Many Kindergarten educators chose to read and discuss the Program Document that summer, and the #framingFDK Twitter hashtag was born. It’s always great to read socially, and the ability to share thinking and wondering while engaging in meaningful dialogue around pedagogy, I believe helped me love The Kindergarten Program Document as much as I do. Never have I read and thought about a Ministry document more. I started to make connections to the new Language Document and the social learning potential.

Jodie Howcroft suggested #ONLang2023 as a good hashtag, and for now, I’ve tried to retweet and share any Language Document thinking and learning using this hashtag. This includes Doug Peterson’s post.

Twitter changes have had many people moving to other social media platforms or engaging less than they have in the past. I’ll admit that my use of Twitter has also largely changed. I have to wonder though if some Language Document discussion could have us resurrecting Twitter for professional development. I have a few incredibly memorable Twitter conversations over the years, including …

I would now like to add #ONLang2023 to the list. Is anyone else with me? Maybe I can find some Twitter PD love once again.


4 thoughts on “Resurrecting Twitter For PD: Will Others Join Me In #ONLang2023?

  1. I’m in. I’ll be reading in preparation for working with teacher-candidates in the fall. I’ll share the hashtag within that space, too.

    • Yay!! Looking forward to it. We can always make some links with the K Program Document if you want. I’m all for talking more about that document too. πŸ™‚


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